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Causeway: second innovative trailing suction hopper dredger (THSD) in a series of fourSince the beginning of August 2013, a new titan has been navigating the seas and inland waterways. THSD Causeway is the successor to the earlier successful Shoalway. With her 90x19x7.25 metres, sustainable character and unprecedented electro-technical capacity, she is one of the most innovative ships from Boskalis. eL-Tec Electrical engineering in Hattem once again signed for the electrical engineering. Two years ago, Shoalway was such a success that Boskalis ordered three similar trailing suction hopper dredgers to be built. As a result, the Causeway is the second of these hopper dredgers in a series of four and because technology is developing further and further, her technical power is even more advanced than that of her predecessor. The Causeway is able to suck sand or soil, pump from ship-to-shore, rainbow and convey to hopper barges. The suction arm vacuums the bottom down to 28 meters below the waterline. She differentiates herself in her sustainability, performance and competitive price. eL-Tec took care of all the electro-technical installations of the ship, as they did before for the Shoalway. In the words of Remko Leinenga, account manager at eL-Tec electro-technology, ‘It was a terrific job to carry out. This ship is an outstanding piece of electro-technology. Owing to the high degree of automation, the work was very complex but with that, all the more challenging. Each system is translated into control actuation and we have specifically designed and developed these for this vessel. The data from the entire ship is monitored from the bridge.’ In total eL-Tec has been engaged in the construction of the Causeway for over a year. First, six months of preparation and then another six months of construction.

  • Type: Dredger
  • TDW: 4500m3
  • Shipyard: D.W. Martiem
  • Date of delivery: 2013-10-01