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Safety and operational reliability

Working safely is vital. That includes a safe electrotechnical installation and safe working equipment as well. Have eL-Tec inspecting your equipment and installation regularly. It’s a safe thing to do ánd it helps preventing malfunctions and failure.

eL-Tec carries out the following inspections, among others:

  • NEN3140 inspection
    This inspection gives you certainty about the question whether or not your tools and installations are still safe to work with.
  • Thermographic inspection
    Starting electrotechnical problems often announce themselves by creating hotspots: very warm places in your installation, that cannot be seen with the naked eye. We’ll find these spots for you and prevent worse things to happen.
  • Powerquality and Net analysis
    All electronics generate pollution on the net. This lowers the efficiency of your installation. After a targeted analysis, you get our advice on improving that efficiency, whilst not using more electricity than necessary.
  • Profibus network analysis
    Are all network connections in your profibus network correct? Are there perhaps any doublings? Or any other problems that may lower the performance of your network? You’ll know for sure after our analysis.