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Dare to innovate!


Specialists in electrical engineering …

eL-Tec Elektrotechnologie is specialized in complex electrical technology. We design and install systems for the industrial and marine sectors. Based in The Netherlands, we create solutions for complex production processes, machine control technic or for the maritime environment on board of ships through our electrical installations, engineering, panel construction and integrating various systems into one operating system.

… with the guts to innovate

We borrow the earth from our children. It really is as simple as that. That’s why we take our responsibility for the environment. We have the guts to innovate. And we always aim for sustainable solutions. Whether it’s about sustainable installations with smart technology on ships, or about replacing combustion engines by electric motors.

eL-Tec, more than just an electrician


A high operational reliability for your ships …

Electrotechnical installations on ships are a resource, not a goal in itself. Therefore it’s only sensible that we’ll always speak with you about the function of your installation. Preferably in the concept fase, long before any drawings are made. By joining you proactively in thinking, we can do much more than just tinker a bit. And it’ll provide you with a solid solution and a high operational reliability.

… thanks to our technology and brainpower

Our brainpower allows us to offer innovative solutions that use the newest technologies. And with that, we always act on the principal of sustainability. That provides you with many things, even apart from the high operational reliability. For example: your costs will be lower, because of the fuel you’ll be saving.


Years of experience …

It’s hard to think of a more challenging field of work than industrial electrotechnics. Every problem there is a unique one. Solutions have to be made to measure. Flexibility and reliability are crucial. It takes experience to combine all of those. At eL-Tec, we gathered that experience by working for years in many different disciplines like infrastructure, food and concrete. And you can benefit from that.

… and your question is central

Whatever your question may be, we’ll always give you a turn-key answer. We think along with you from the very beginning and take responsibility for the entire project development. And we always stay in close contact with you. We design, assemble and install all electronics ourselves. And we work with a fixed set of partners for things that fall outside of our field of expertise.


You can always count on us

When you buy good products, you should get good service. At eL-Tec, that speaks for itself. And we take it a step further than is usual. We offer you our support even long after the completion of your systems. And we make sure that, if a problem arises, you’ll get a visit from an experienced and dedicated mechanic.


Looking forward sustainably

Sustainable solutions. That’s what gives us energy at eL-Tec. And sustainable is, in our vision, more than mere ‘green’. Sustainable solutions are solutions that spare the environment and last you for years. That also means they have to be malfunction insensitive. And the best news is: innovative technologies that fit these descriptions don’t have to be expensive. That’s something we prove on a daily basis.


Autonomous Guard Vessel

New Autonomous Guard Vessel concept design set to revolutionize offshore wind. 

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50 metre high speed passenger ferry delivered

eL-Tec is pleased to announce the 50 metre high-speed passenger ferry SeaStar 11, for Seaspovill of South Korea, has been successfully launched at the AUSTAL shipyard in the Philippines. eL-Tec recently deliverd the engineering and switchboards for this 40 knots high speed vessel.

Launch EASYDREDGE® 3700 in China for the Maldives

On 12 January, Royal IHC launched MAHAA JARRAAFU for the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc (MTCC) at the RMC shipyard in Qidong, China. The Easydredge 3700 is the largest ship in IHC’s Easydredge® series and the first trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) for MTCC. 

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