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With a length of 116m, a width of 17.8m and a draught of 7.9m, it is the largest model that has ever rolled off the slipway at Peters Shipyards in Kampen, the Netherlands. The ship is equipped with a strait bow, rather than the usual bulbous bow. The superstructure is mirrored and reversed and therefore located further sternwards. Most of the tanks are located at the sides of the ship. These adaptations mean that streamlining has been improved, and there is more space created below decks.
The most striking new feature of the Sole 10,000 is its 70.5m long and 15m wide hold. This makes the ship a prime candidate for transporting high-value project cargoes of unusual dimensions, such as wind turbines, electricity masts (or their components) and sections of seagoing vessels or offshore installations. Furthermore, the Sole’s portside NMF deck cranes (each with an SWT of 80 tonnes; so 160 tonnes combined) can transfer cargoes at ports with a limited infrastructure.
(source: http://www.canadafeederlines.com)

  • Type: Shipping
  • TDW: 10.000
  • Shipyard: Peters Shipyard
  • Date of delivery: 2013-03-01