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eL-Tec is a proud engineering partner of The Ocean Cleanup’s InterceptorTM

Last Saturday, Boyan Slat from The Ocean Cleanup proudly presented the InterceptorTM as a contribution to plastic extraction from rivers. According to the research of The Ocean Cleanup, 1000 rivers contribute to 80% of the ocean plastic solution. The InterceptorTM started as an idea, and has now been developed as an existing product, which for the last couple of months has been tested in the Netherlands and South East Asia. We as eL-Tec were involved in the testing and commissioning of the system since mid-2018. The InterceptorTM is a self-sufficient automated technology with an off-grid power supply.

eL-Tec was involved with engineering and development of this complex project. eL-Tec developed and installed the InterceptorTM ‘s electrical system including smart sensors used to weigh and distribute the extracted waste across the barge. Once the barge is full, the operator will receive a smart signal for preparing to offloading the waste. One InterceptorTM can extract up to 50.000 kgs of trash per day, and has a storage capacity of 50m3. Because the InterceptorTM is made in the most durable way it is designed to operate in the most polluted rivers in the world. At maximum efficiency, it can extract up to 100,000 kgs per day.

eL-Tec Elektrotechnologie is specialized in complex electrical technology, the key word is “sustainable” according to Dick Stoppelenburg, Director eL-Tec. The company with 25 years of experience in the maritime and dredging industry is a proud engineering partner of The Ocean Cleanup.