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You can live and work energy efficient …

Living and working without needless use of energy, but with all the comfort you can wish for? It’s been a long time since that was an illusion. Modern technology allows for an efficient use of energy for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and communication. And with eL-Tec’s systems, you can use all those functions exactly as you want to.

… thanks to our experience and partners

We develop energy efficient systems and technologies for houses, commercial properties and public buildings. For example: domestic automation. That’s when we link systems together – for example to make sure the lights go on when you punch in the correct code for the alarm system. But we also create building management systems. Then you get a single system, with a single control panel, for all functions in your building. When we’re working on new office spaces, or renovating old ones, we always work with same contractor and the same mechanical engineers. That way, we are certain we can design, prepare and execute everything flawlessly.