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As eL-Tec Electrical Engineering B.V. we corporate on a socially responsible way in which we use raw materials on a sustainable way. On this page we would like to tell how we put this into practice every day.


As eL-Tec Electrical Engineering B.V. we are also ISO9001 certified. ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. The organization ISO is responsible for establishing and managing thousands of different norms. Most of these are product oriented, but some standards are applicable on generic managementsystems. By far the best known is the ISO 9001, which refers to the management system for quality.


Sensibly use of energy. That is not a choice but a necessity for the world of today and tomorrow. Therefore, we are a affiliate of EcoNed. Both, business users and individuals become more independent from energy suppliers with self-sufficient energy systems. Think of solar panels and -boilers, in cogeneration plants (CHP), but also charging stations for electric cars. In addition, energy monitoring crucial to make smart savings in your energy consumption.

EcoNed is the green label of ElektroNed, a proactive partnership of more than 40 excelling electrical companies throughout the Netherlands. We can help you with all your sustainability issues. For more information: http://www.econed.nu/


ElektroNed is a proactive partnership of more than 40 excelling electrical companies.

We learn from each other and share with each other. This has major advantages. Through this way we form a single point of contact for all electrical expertise and specialization required. And we only work with A-suppliers to ensure quality at a good price. Also in the field of installing sustainable solutions we walk, with our green label EcoNed, on front. ElektroNed companies stand shoulder to shoulder with customers, suppliers and each other, with the aim: more certainty and continuity. Therefore eL-Tec is affiliated with ElektroNed. For more information: http://www.elektroned.nl/

Foundation for quality of installations Netherlands.

To prove quality, that is the essence of KvINL. To give you as a customer certainty, we as eL-Tec joined KVINL. For our clients important because a quality creates confidence and assurance that the installation work is done properly and safely. For us, a quality essential to differentiate ourselves in the market as professional and technical specialist. In addition, a tag adds to the professional image of our company. For more information: http://www.kvinl.nl/


We do business in a socially responsible way in which we which we use raw materials on a sustainable way, pursuing a responsible profit and offer you as a customer the best possible solution. Therefore we also use this tool and publish our data. In this way we want to show openly and honestly how we operate sustainably in a responsible manner. Please contact us for more information.

For more information: https://online.milieubarometer.nl/CO2-footprints/co2-footprint/el-tec-elektrotechnologie-bv-2014/

CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a tool that helps companies reduce CO2. Within the business, in projects and in the chain can be much profit achieved in energy saving, efficient use of materials and renewable energy. The purpose of the ladder is to encourage companies to reduce their own CO2 emissions - and their suppliers - to know and constantly searching for new ways to reduce emissions from its own operations and their own projects. The ladder then encourages companies to implement effectively those measures and in addition to sharing the knowledge transparent and collaborate with colleagues, research institutes, social organizations and governments actively seek opportunities to jointly further reduce emissions.

For more information: http://www.skao.nl/