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eL-Tec elektrotechnologie for your sustainable business

Look ahead! Especially when it comes to systems and installations. That’s the advice I’d like to give you. The energy market is on the move. Fossil fuels will more and more make way for electricity. Logical, electricity is far easier to use, stays available and is sustainable. And that’s what we want. The Dutch government has agreed with other European countries to increase the percentage of renewable energy to 20% by the year 2020. To achieve this goal, our government is already making plans for the creation of large scale windmill parks at sea, and smaller decentralized energy generation capabilities for individuals, for example solar panels. Holland’s electricity grid is already being prepared for the anticipated increase of electricity use as the main source of energy within the next fifteen to twenty years. This will also have consequences for you and all other consumers. Why should you invest in installations that will be superseded (old) within a few years?

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